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We are never doing anyone any favors by withholding our gifts from the world.
It’s scary to be fierce, but you can’t compromise that for fear of losing those around you.
Idina Menzel

Good afternoon Lovelies, happy Saturday. Please bear with this post as it is just a reflection on what my take has been on my modeling career. I have been a model in SL since 2011 when I started my blog. I have paid obscene amounts of money to try to get all the training I could from some of the best teachers on the grid. Wicca Merlin at MVWMA was amazing, Bonie was amazing, Mimmi Boa was amazing and so many other wonderful people I have had the pleasure of learning from.

I became a certified model in July of 2013 and completed several of those schools afterwards to try to get as much training as I…

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