Say it like you mean it

You would think with everything I have going on right now that romance would be the last thing on my mind.  But, well there are just some things you cannot control.  For those of you who have been following along for the last fifteen months you are well aware that from time to time this is a topic that comes up.  For well over a year now I have had a friend who interests me more than anyone has in a long time, which is terrifying if you want the truth.  I have been quite content in my own little world for years now and very comfortable in my singleness. Having someone grab my attention and maintain it even through tougher times is an unusual event.  Needless to say my thoughts drift to him as it has been a bit since we have seen each other and I might get a bit needy when in pain.  By the way, I am giggling through writing this post as revealing this much of myself makes me a bit nervous, and well it is all so very true!  (LOL)  At 43 I have settled enough in my life and I won’t compromise myself again for the sake of another, not even for love.  And to be honest, I think that is where we both are when it comes to romance.  We have talked about relationships and love; children, school, college, finances; friendship; future, I guess just about everything.  A wonderful friendship has grown between us and I sit and wonder when one of us will make a move towards something else, or if over 40, the risk is too great.  True friendships between men and women are hard to maintain and often times when one takes that step over the secret barrier that exists between friends, there is often no turning back.  Let’s be honest… great sex is great sex and chemistry feels amazing but being able to just sit and talk for hours about anything lasts a lot longer than the fleeting euphoria of a mind blowing orgasm.  Granted, finding both would be just….well that’s just a dream, at least for me!  But yes, that is the goal, after all I am a f***ing Princess, better treat me like one!!


I have to admit I love gatchas, simply for the fact that I feel a bit like I am gambling, which has been known in the past to border on an addiction.  So when I hear of a store offering a gatcha at their location, not at some event where percentages are set so high that you never even have a chance at the rare, I get a tad bit excited!  When I opened my goodies from NoName I was delighted to see an in-store gatcha with an  adorable, yet sexy tank shirt/dress available in solid colors and “prints” which include a variety of sayings.  There are 8 solid colors, 10 prints and 2 rares in the machine with the rares being all solids in a HUD or all prints in a HUD at ONLY 50L a play!

[nn] Sunday Gatcha Vendor

I know you are sure to get your hands on your favorites and hopefully a rare while you are at it, so head on over to the store soon to get yours!!  Sneak Peek from Solaris will wrap up this round on August 5th which means you don’t have very much time left to check out Summer hotness at Sneak Peek, including this pose, part of HelaMiyo’sHovering” set at the event.  Do yourself a favor and check it out before the designs are shipped off to the stores or hidden away due to their exclusivity to the event.  I am going to go relax for a little bit and read the newest book I have discovered and no better perfect lounging around the house ensemble than this comfy tank from NoName.

Hair – Little BonesSnow Spell
Long Tank/Dress – NoNameSunday – In-store Gatch
8 solid colors, 10 prints and 2 rares
50L a play
Pose – HelaMiyo – Hovering @ Sneak Peek until 08/05
Maitreya – Lara
Hands and Feet – Slink
Skin – DeeTaleZ – Leyna
Eyes – IKON
Lashes – Gaeline Creations
Space and Deco – junk – Hunt Skybox
Former Arcade Gatcha
 Paris Street Sign
Picture Doors
Shabby Curtains
Vintage Boutique Bench
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!

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