Taking Chances

Hiya girlies ♡

I swear, SL has been mad these few days, and it seems not just me for a change. From poses not working, to huds not attaching, inventory body parts not being found, body parts falling off after a TP lol, ugh, making a blog post hasn’t been easy! So Tysm LL for breaking SL yet again!

Ok so I have managed to make another post, so I hope you guys like it!
We have goodies from Urban Street, Void, !nfinity and Pomposity at Thrift Shop,  Arise at anyBody, and another gorgeous new tattoo by Things, at Enchantment, which is a sneaky peek as that event doesn’t begin till 14th August – I’m such a tease!

Happy Shopping!


Taking ChancesTaking Chances

Taking Chances

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Temporarily Inactive ♥


It is that spiffy time of day! What time of day you ask? I don’t actually know, but just understand it is that time of day.

Here you have her — Malia. She is a country girl, perhaps. She also is very trendy as she is sporting some denim on denim. Now that I think of it, that may not actually not be a trend anymore. Let’s pretend 🙂

Currently available, if you are lucky enough to get in, at Collabor88 is this spiffy skin from the Skinnery. Her name is Simone and she comes with really nice teefus.


It is also Collab’s birthday! -sings annoying birthday songs- Ok. OK! I’ll stop. Back to seriousness.

My favorite part of this fit is between the shirt, the shorts, and the hair. So, I suppose that makes this a fave overall, right? Yeah, I am so bad at this.

On to the…

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Sometimes every word has been used, and there’s nothing left to do

He told her when she played,
Wings sprouted from her shoulder blades
And every bone inside her seemed to change.
So on her fingers moved, over notes she hoped would soothe,
His jagged soul caressing every groove.

Oh and how she longed to say, that she’d missed his troubled ways,
And if she could she’d do it all again.

Cause sometimes every word has been used,
And there’s nothing left to do
But hold the one you can’t have in the sweet arms of a tune.
Sometimes every word has been used,
And there’s nothing left to do
But hold the one you can’t have in the sweet arms of a tune.
Yeah hold the one you can’t love in the sweet arms of a tune.
Cause sometimes every inch of you is bruised,
And there’s nothing left to prove
So just hold the one you can’t have in the sweet arms of a tune.
Yeah hold the one you can’t love in the sweet arms of a tune.

Sweet Arms of a Tune – Missy Higgins
What seems like a lifetime ago I was involved in an online relationship that truly made me look at dating in a whole new light, as well as relationships that start online.  He also happens to be quite younger than I am which is where I get my experience to be able to talk about those relationships.  And from the moment we entered into the relationship we agreed that it was only ever going to be online because 22 and 39 was just not a reality either of us wanted to face.  However, as with most relationships online, there is an intimacy that comes with being able to share yourself without having to see another persons face, and something real, true and magical grew.  Though in the end we didn’t stay together online the love we found in each other continues to be something special and greatly cherished by us both.  The nature of our relationship has changed and though our dreams are of each other and our thoughts may drift to the intimate, we have become the best of friends over the years.  I have watched him grow into a hell of a man and his life has taken him offline for the most part these days and the time grows longer between our chats.  Yet, on a daily basis I think of him, and I truly miss the way we danced, and that is where you can find us when we manage to crash together every few months, holding each other in “the sweet arms of a tune.”
The Details
Hair – FioreNia – Naples
Skin – DeeTaleZ
Eyes – IKON
Lashes – Gaeline Creations
Jewelry Set – JUMOMademoiselle Jewelry
Dress – Virtual DivaChic Couture – Sky
Shoes – JUMOGaia Bridal Sandals (part of the Gaia Bride Collection)
Sometimes love doesn’t die, it just changes and sometimes you have to watch it walk away for the best of everyone involved.  No matter how much you truly connect or feel for each other, sometimes it just isn’t your time.  But souls have a way of finding one another and if not in this life, maybe the next you will get to dance for eternity.

Jellyfish Mermaid

Leia's Second Life

Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Hands – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Shape – !Lumae! Beth – We ❤ RP
Skin – Lumae :: Jewel : Orsimer :: Bare {DarkBrow} – We ❤ RP
Scales & Face Tattoo – [Even~Tide] – Mer Scales & Tattoo Green
Ears – .:Soul:. Uni Ears – Mer Long
Hair – !Ohmai Salon: Omakase [Rigged]
Hairbase – !Ohmai: Hairbase V1 [Mermaid]
Hair Accessory – !Ohmai Salon: Ikura Accessory [Rigged]
Necklace – Oceanica~ Pearl Necklace, female – Fallen Gods
Breast Shells – Oceanica~ Breast Shells Eclipse F – Fallen Gods
Mouth Kelp – {LoveFox} Fresh Kelp; Nibbles – Enchantment- Opens August 14th
Jellyfish – [D]oki – Jelly Mer Squibb – Black/Green and Jelly Mer Tendrils – Vivid Green – Enchantment – Opens August 14th
Pose – Elephante Poses- Mermaid #4

The Realm of Ozryn is a New non-metered freeform roleplay sim set in a…

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