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It is that spiffy time of day! What time of day you ask? I don’t actually know, but just understand it is that time of day.

Here you have her — Malia. She is a country girl, perhaps. She also is very trendy as she is sporting some denim on denim. Now that I think of it, that may not actually not be a trend anymore. Let’s pretend 🙂

Currently available, if you are lucky enough to get in, at Collabor88 is this spiffy skin from the Skinnery. Her name is Simone and she comes with really nice teefus.


It is also Collab’s birthday! -sings annoying birthday songs- Ok. OK! I’ll stop. Back to seriousness.

My favorite part of this fit is between the shirt, the shorts, and the hair. So, I suppose that makes this a fave overall, right? Yeah, I am so bad at this.

On to the…

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