Leavin’ It All Behind

Ello agan me lil Loves  ♡

┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ Wooo – 4 days running with no RL interrupting my blog posts – go me!┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘

*Coughs* Ok, sorry, needed that lil celebration  ツ

Anyhoo,  so we have another gorgeous new hair by Phoneix Hair at Cosmopolitan, Unbothered at anyBody, and news at HighRize \o/
Plus another outing of the Ramoda Animal Print Heels by Glamistry, cos they’re sooo pretty, it’d be rude not to, right?  ツ

Happy Sh㋡pping!

Leavin It All BehindLeavin It All Behind

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Look Book 135


Hair: Magika [01] Things

Bikini: M*Motion C15-11 Knit Bikini =>NEW OSF2015

SlinkNail: *pulcino*: Slink Applier [backstroke] =>NEW main shop Group LB

SlinkShoes: *(OO)*YUKI_Tiffany Shoes 01 =>NEW KUSTOM9


M*Motion C15-11 Knit Bikini


*(OO)*YUKI_Tiffany Shoes Gacha for SLINK and Maitreya Mid feet


Bikini: M*Motion C15-11 Knit Bikini Milky [LB] =>NEW LB OSF2015

Okinawa Summer Festival 2015

[POP] okinawa summer festival 2015

Until 08.23 08:00 a.m. (SLT)

Market & Photo contest & DJ event

Place (Landing Point): 



Amity Style

I decided to post a classic mix-and-match look. So much of the time on this blog, I show great items available at the latest events. While that is all well and good, I have read in articles that a variety of fashion is appreciated. Only one of the items in this post is recent. The rest of it is a mix of mesh and prim. That is a point I would like to make. In my opinion, it would be a mistake to completely throw out system clothing, prim items and even sculpt pieces in favor of going completely mesh. I love mesh, but the reason for keeping other pieces? Because mesh has a habit of not layer well on top of other items from the same material. A small example of this is the belt I am wearing in this photo. It is a resizable prim belt, and therefore…

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