I have often been called an old school hippie, old soul or a mystic.  Throughout my whole life wild patterns, bright colors, and wildly eclectic design styles have drawn me in and held me captive.  I hate a stoic home or room, makes me wonder if the people who live in that space are just as bland.  Recently I have given everyone a peek into my comfort zone which has ended up in me taking a lot of pictures at home recently, which makes my life so much easier!  I thought I had things pretty much set up until I opened this amazing collection from [CIRCA] and KNEW I would be redecorating a bit, especially after my adventure over at the Gacha Garden!  The Gypsy MoonSea Collection is currently only available at Swank for 50% for the duration of the event, so HURRY before it heads to the store at full price!

The collection consists of dresser, ornate mirror, bonsai tree, candles, two floor rugs, 2 pillows and 2 chests, one with accessories and one without.  The detailing along the trunk and dresser are hand drawn and the attention to detail is truly amazing.  If you too are addicted to the shabby chic, or attic eclectic look, as I like to call it, then wait no longer and head on over to Swank, you won’t be disappointed!
The Scene
Skybox – unKindnessAbandoned Loft @ FaMESHed
Tapestries – SoyHanging Fabric – Blue and Green
Incense Burner on Table – Soy
Singing Bowl – Soy
Bulb Table – The Forge @ Gacha Garden
A.D.D AndelPotted Plant Lavender
Mooncatcher – The Forge @ Gacha Garden
Lamps – junkArch Standing Lamp – Tall and Short
Drapes – junkShabby Curtain
[CIRCA] Gypsy MoonSea Collection
Dresser, Ornate Mirror, Bonsai Tree, Candles, Rugs, Floor Pillows, Trunk
Only @ Swank!
50% off and exclusive