“All the roads we have to walk are winding”

For some strange reason this day ran away from me and I honestly can’t tell you where it went.  Though I did get a bunch of work done so I can relax my back a bit more this week.  My nerves are shot after all these weeks of pain and it was confirmed on Friday that I will not be seeing a Surgeon until the 16th of September.  Needless to say the love and support of my friends and family, online and offline, is greatly appreciated and needed right now.  I took a stroll yesterday over to Vivaldi, as it always seems to brighten my spirits.  Now I know the more I talk about the location the more crowded it will become and I will no longer have that little oasis to myself and well of course, the land owners, but I am more than willing to share!  Another round of Anybody opened earlier this month and Alaskametro once again brings fantastic exclusives to the event in the form of three stunning new swimsuits, including the Giselle II featured here.

Giselle II - Alaskametro

The swimsuit comes in two colors and several different appliers, so I am sure you will find your favorite.  All the suits are only available for the duration of the event, so hurry on over and check out all the wonderful swimsuits from Alaskametro for this round of Anybody!
The Details
 Body – Slink
Hair – LambWant You
Skin – DeeTaleZ – Max
Eyes – IKON – Promise – Parchment
Shadow – Alaskametro – Chloe Glitter – Bronze @ Apply Me!
Necklace – Maxi GossamerVallari Neck Collar
Bikini – Alaskametro – Giselle II @ Anybody
Location – Vivaldi 
As always, when relaxing or well, when breathing, music always manages to push itself to the forefront of my mind and today, a certain one seems to be on repeat.  I am not a fan of remakes, usually, but the Pretty Reckless’s Taylor Momsen has an amazing voice and I love pretty much everything she does, including a cover of one of my all time favorite songs, Wonderwall.  I hope you enjoy and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!