Still searching for her wings

Like the rest of you who live in the U.S., fourteen years ago tonight we all went to sleep with a false sense of security that we were untouchable.  When the smoke cleared that morning in New York, the towers were gone and the wings of America’s majestic Eagle had been stripped as we stood vulnerable and for the first time equal to the rest of the world.  Since that day, it could be said that we are still searching for our wings, still trying to regain our grace.  That day marked the start of a paradigm shift in my life as on November 9th of that same year I lost my son’s father and the love of my life.  It could be said that within a few months everything I knew and believed in was challenged and that I too lost my wings and have been searching for them since.  Maybe it is the date, or the fact this ensemble from Jinx made me think of Malificent when her wings were stripped; or perhaps the haunting eyes from Lone Wolf Studios that pay tribute to the fallen towers, but I have stumbled into a bit of a melancholy mood tonight as I think about how many lost their wings that day and how many gained them.  Maybe, that is the answer….  For all those to get into heaven that day, thousands had to lose their way, their “wings” if you will, and that finding your way back is the key…  For now, I think I might hear a fluttering in the distance and I am hoping I can reunite someone with their wings tonight.  After all, isn’t it the perfect night for that?

The Details
Body – Maitreya (with OMEGA system applier – which ROCKS so if you haven’t picked one up then click HERE!.  Makes almost all OMEGAs work on your Maitreya!)
Skin – DeeTaleZEva – former WLRP exclusive
Hair – TruthAstra
Horns – Jinx – Kaa Horns – NEW!! @ Fair Play for 99L
Eyes – Lone Wolf StudiosRemember – 9/11 Tribute Mesh Eyes – 30L
Reflection of the Twin Towers
ALL proceeds of the sale of this eye will be donated to the local fire department
Shadow – SlackGirlPria
Lashes – Gaeline CreationsFelicia
Earrings – A:S:SFormi
Jacket, Top, Pants and Boots – JinxShainia @ Color Me Project til the 19th
Pose and Prop – JinxRikinti – 50% off as a NEW release in the Jinx Fantasy Store
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night and remember to tell those you love how you feel and hold them close because one morning you may wake up; or wake to the sound of the phone ringing late at night and your whole world will change in an instant.  I promise, there is nothing worth the regrets that come from words left unspoken.
Angels watch over you