“I’m the dark in need of light, we we touch you inspire”

Monday’s are an unusual day for me, as they really are just like any other day.  I rarely sleep in late and I often do the same things on the weekends as I do during the week, so really the only change for me is having to deal with traffic when Monday morning rolls around.  I know that this is probably a luxury only those of us who are home all the time have to deal with, but I have to say I don’t miss the hassle that perpetually goes with Monday mornings.  However, I say this at 3:28 in the afternoon and I haven’t managed to get out this post!  The photo has been done for almost two days now and yet, here I sit.  So I guess you could say, today, this Monday, I am having a start of the week imaginative slump.  Which is very odd since this ensemble has put me in such a whimsical mood, yet nothing wants to jump out of my head and onto the page!  So while I deal with my Monday let’s talk about AnaMarkova Designs for a moment.  The gorgeous designs have been popping up all over the grid this Summer and perfect for the “homey” feel of Fall, an amazing new collection has been released in the store featuring a stunning Autumn palette, shape draping designs and exquisite attention to detail all at affordable prices to you!  After all being chic doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

The Giana top and pant combination comes in a variety of colors to choose from but I just fell in love with this set, if I could own this in real life, trust me, I would.  The elegant, long, draping pleats of the pants flow wonderfully and fit perfectly with the halter top.  The textures are amazing and that fantastic bow detail adds a bit of whimsy, which of course I always adore.  Do yourself a favor and head by the store to check out all the new offerings in AnaMarkova’s Fall Collection for 2015 you won’t be disappointed and I know your closet is screaming for some new goodies as well!
The Details
Body – MaitreyaLara
Skin – DeeTaleZJustine + custom lips and shadow
Liner – DeeTaleZBlack – A
Hair – ExileIn the Shade
Eyes – IKONHope – Silverleaf
Earrings – Maxi GossamerSansa Amulet
Bracelets – A:S:S deLuxeChakra Bangles
Top and Pants – AnaMarkova DesignsGiana – Paris NEW NEW NEW!!!
Shoes – AnaMarkova DesignsAva – Camel
Purse – Pure PoisonMbao Hand Bag
Pose – PosESionDulce
As I was having trouble with this post today, I went to youtube to listen to a few tunes and see if I could find my inspiration.  I stumbled across a song that I just love and thought in a way, if you could see inside my mind, this goes with my whimsical mood, so enjoy!
I’m a flame
You’re a fire
I’m the dark in need of light
When we touch, you inspire
Feel the change in me tonight
So take me up, take me higher
There’s a world not far from here
We can dance in desire
Or we can burn in love tonight

Our hearts are like firestones
And when they strike, we feel the love
Sparks will fly, they ignite our bones
But when they strike, we light up the world

I’m from X, you’re from Y
Perfect strangers in the night
Here we are, come together
To the world we’ll testify

Our hearts are like firestones
And when they strike, we feel the love
Sparks will fly, they ignite our bones
But when they strike, we light up the world

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!