Drawing Down the Sun

Truly inspired fashion will often take your breath away; inspire you and sometimes revolt you.  It is the power of emotions drawn from the depths of our soul purely with the use of fabric, textures and lines.  These designs cause us to think and be creative as we accessorize or simply photograph them, as you cannot help but share a piece of your vision with the art produced wearing such fabulous designs.  You only have until the 18th to head by Solaris Fashion Week AW15 to check out the inspired and brilliantly creative designs from over 70 creators including this phenomenal gown from JUMO.

As always JUMO provides you with a complete ensemble so you are never struggling to find jewels to match and this design is truly unique and beautiful.  The NanatsuNoKo gown comes in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from all with the same accessories pictured here and you can ONLY get it at the event.  Each piece of this creation is expertly designed and textured and the pieces don’t fight with you or each other as you move around or pose.  The shoulder piece may look quite large and cumbersome, but it fits perfectly and floats just above the body allowing for a perfect pose every time.  If you are in need of a unique and awe inspiring gown then look no further and head on over and grab yours today!!!
With all of the special events that have been going on the past few months I haven’t mentioned the fact that I am still in love with DeeTaleZ skins and rarely change out of them.  In the past month I have picked up a couple new skins, if you hadn’t noticed, and I just LOVE them both.  But, I have to say, I have become quite partial to the Marlow skin and I love the classic beauty.  As always the skins come with shadows and lips to tint, which I always take full advantage of, because in the end, let’s be honest, skins can get boring without shaking things up a bit from time to time.  So if you haven’t been by DeeTaleZ lately, stop by the store, wander a bit and fall in love with your newest skin today!
I am not quite sure what made me think of the Pagan ceremony of Drawing Down the Sun here, but the regal nature of this ensemble made me think of a High Priestess and her Priest celebrating both their strengths in the rising of the Sun.  
Drawing Down the Sun
Deep calls on high, the goddess on the God,
On him who is the flame that quickens her;
That he and she may seize the silver reins
And ride as one the twin horse chariots.
Let the hammer strike the anvil,
Let the lightening touch earth,
Let the lance ensoul the Grail,
Let the magic come to birth,
In her name. Do I invoke thee,
Mighty father of us all-
Lugh Pan, Belin, Herne, Cernunnos-
Come in answer to my call!
Descend; I pray thee, in thy servant and priest.
Let there be light!
The Details
Body – Maitreya
Skin – DeeTaleZMarlow
Hair – Tableau VivantJade
Eyes – IKONHope – Storm
Lashes – Gaeline CreationsFelicia
Shadow – DeeTaleZcustom tint for Marlow
Liner – DeeTaleZE – Black
Lips – DeeTaleZcustom tint for Marlow
Ensemble – JUMO – NanatsuNoKo – Navy @ Solaris Fashion Week AW15
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SOLARIS Autumn Winter Fashion Week Landmark
You may view the schedule here. CLICK
Retail Area Slurl
SE Wings Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
50- Vero Modero
51- White Room Couture
52- Vanity House of Designs
54- Roosters n Chix
55- Yokana
58- Faster Pussycat
59- *Faisean*/ f:L
68- LX Essentials
69- FLRN Design
NE Wings Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
1- Mistique
2- MindGardens
3- DuJour
4- Dot Be
5- Styles by Danielle
12- PREY
13- Scandal Fashion
14- Sexical Moi
15- KL Couture
16- JUMO
17- Glam Dreams
18- shine
Wing Central Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
28- Glitzz
29- Paisley Daisey
30- Sascha’s Designs
31- Azul
32- FlowerDream
33- Petit Chat
34- Indyra
36- AlaFolie
37- LUXE Paris
38- Sonatta Morales
39- Liziaah
40- Rayne Couture
41- Lelutka
42- Ever
An’ Angel
43- Champagne!
44- Prism
45- Virtual Diva
23- Designer Showcase
24- Loovus
25- GHEE
26- Marquesse
NW Wings Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
6- Chocolat
8- Baboom Couture
9- B. Barbie Style
10- WTB
11- Finale Couture
19- Zuri Jewelry
20- LUNA Body Art
21- The Dark Fae
22- Athena Couture
SW Wings Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
46- Poisoned Diamond
47- Tres Beau
48- The Annex Boutique
49- BN Designs
50- Vero Modero
60- Wiked
61- Supernatural
62- Simply Me!
63- [Vitalis Animatum]
64- Baubles by Phe
65- BOND7
66- Carrie’s Lingerie
67- Posh Pixels

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!

Ok….where am i? this is not the convention center!

UntitledI think I have landed in the Twilight Zone!


I tried to look for a way out but crazy people were coming all around me…the hell was in my coffee this morning..


For a moment I tried to play it off like I actually belonged there…casual and cool….umm yeah right.


Time to get the hell out!


Elysium Klara Skin in Chai (The Dressing Room Fusion)

Elysium Devine II Eye Shadow in Smokey

Elysium Brooklyn Wedge in Sand (The Liaison Collaborative)

-siss boom- Suddenly Dress in Brown (Hat included with resizer)

Exile Hair– In these shoes? In Naturals (Collabor88)

[Deadwool] Mercury Handbag in Natural

@->~ISD Death Grip Set in Sepia

Apple Spice Poses– Handbag

All pictures were taken at Boardwalk City Freakshow



Hey Gorgeous Girlies ♡

Freak Show Gacha Carnival opens it’s doors tomorrow!
From tomorrow until 17th October The Freak Show is the place to go for all your Halloween-y freaktastic gacha goodies!
Epoch have this wicked magical Wizard Nook, which comprises 17 individual common items, or for the lucky Black Cats among us, the whole set as the rare prize!
We also have cute little bow chokers by Angelica and sexeh lil frilly heels by Latreia.
There are 18 Freaks Bow Collars to play for, with 2 being rare, and 9 colours of Victoria Heels including 2 rares.

Over at anyBody, HolliPocket have some seriously smokin’ hawt bodys. The Sauceh Suits are available in 4 packs of 2 colours, and each comes with 2 versions – with lace to cover the nipplage, and without, in 2 fabrics – lace and plain. Omega appliers are included.

We also have cute drippy socks by Highrize. The Drip Drop Socks are available in 9 colours and include TMP, Omega and Slink appliers.

Finally, news from Eclipse Art Studio. The Divine Drop Head Ornament includes a hud with 9 bead colours and 2 metals.

Happy Shopping!


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