let’s just hideaway and let the world pass us by

Lost in my Imagination

Vintage hideout finalMadPea has a gatcha out at the  6° Republic , Its theme is Hoodlums’ Hideout , It has a Poker Table and chairs which is a Rare  (shown in the background) A ceiling lamp, Violin cases in brown and black (brown is shown), Brass knuckles (gotta take out the intruders ya know? ) A console table (shown in the back) With a Brass Gramophone and Safe. I used the Hat rack and Bottle of what I assume is some sort of whiskey. A glass that has drink in it and an empty one, Oh and the Ashtray..

Also last but not least The Hideout itself which is a sky box that has some really interesting features.. There is a switch on the wall that can control sounds and how often you want the train to come by the windows.. Yes I said Train.. There is a train that goes by…

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