Skin: (*ANGELICA) MIYEON :dollfie: peach n peach_br brow @ KIRAKIRA NEW!
Hair: -LaViere- Daisy/BrownRoots
Camera: {AMITOMO}Vintage Camera <Tartan mix>wood GACHA
Bag: *miwa’s airship* Candy bag #8 Trip @ KIRAKIRA NEW!
*miwa’s airship* Candy bag #1 Do U love me @ KIRAKIRA NEW!
Sweater & Vest: ::C’est la vie !:: Paula look(sweater mustard) @The Chapter four NEW!
Boots: ISON – leather knee boots -Maitreya- @ Collabor88 NEW!
Sweet cats: (fd) Cat – 12 Curious 1 GACHA
(fd) Cat – 09 Ready to Pounce GACHA
Toy: Vagabond – Peggy’s Pony (TD size)
Knitted Set: Kalopsia – Knitted Set @ Kustom 9 NEW!
* Knitted Chair – Cream
* Knitting Basket – Blue
* Knitting Basket – Cream
* Knitting Basket – Blue

Collabor88: Nov 08th – Dec 06th – LMFlickr
KIRAKIRA: Nov 14th – Dec 06th – LM
The Chapter four: Nov 04th – 21st –LMFlickr
Kustom 9: Nov 15th – Dec10th – LMFlickr

Mish Mesh

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I occasionally wear a mesh body especially for photographs as it seems to photograph smoother than my system body.  I tend to rotate the bodies I have between Slink, Maitreya and Belleza because each has pros and cons.  I do have the Wowmeh mesh body too but there doesn’t seem to be many skins etc. made for the Wowmeh and I thought I heard that the creator just up and left SL.

When the mesh heads appeared at The Shops (The Mesh Project – TMP), I trotted on over to that insane asylum of a store and bought one.  I didn’t like it and pretty much vowed to myself, and a few friends on Facebook, that I’d probably never wear one until I was confident that I wouldn’t lose the facial features I spent years fine-tuning.   This week I decided to delve into it more and to see if…

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Lost in my Imagination


I have wanted to blog these items By Byrne since I got them but Between Virtual magazine work and Real life and trying to blog the things I have to blog because they are on a time Limit im just exhausted mentally. Thats also sums up my Real life at the moment.. I was talking to someone today about I how i realized in the last month or so I have took a very large step back from doing things in second life to focus on whats going on around me. Which has put a very big in my inspiration and Artistic pictures that I normally do. The Top I am wearing is a group gift right now at Byrne’s store its a subscriber so you can go down to her boutique hit the subscriber and boom you get some neato  short jackets , They come in Teal as show…

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