Come a little closer to hear me whisper

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I often find during the Fall everyone seems to lose their spunk when it comes to adding color to their wardrobes. It’s like by Christmas suddenly everyone is putting on bright jewel tones because they are missing the warmth, but the Fall everyone turns to muted tones to mimic the world outside. I am a firm believer that color enhances your mood. My closet on SL and in RL happens to consist of a lot of black, dark navy and well more BLACK, but I have every color of the rainbow in accent pieces, and you will find these often match my mood. With how down I have been as of late because of the imminent passing of my 12 year old Pitbull, I was excited to pull some color out of the closet today to help perk up my mood, and it helped! So take a hint from me…

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