The peaceful tranquility of Dawn

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

If you like to sleep late then you probably miss out on one of the most spectacular times of day in my opinion, especially in the Fall. The frost hangs heavy on what remains of the leaves on the trees and as the Sun edges over the horizon steam rises as the beams instantly bring life to the still surroundings. The snow has melted down here in town, but the mountains continue to be blanketed in white. This morning as the Sun danced with its rainbow of colors I had a perfect moment of peace as I stood with my cup of coffee and let the rays warm me as they did my surroundings. Do yourself a favor and get up early sometime, before the bitter chill of Winter sets in and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the Dawn.

If you haven’t made it to Sad November yet you don’t…

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The Designer Circle #118 and My Attic @ the Deck!

November 19th Blog Photo #2_cropped

November 19th Blog Photo #1hs_cropped

TGIF Fans!  Very short Blog Title from me Today, Huh?  Couldn’t help it, I found pretty much an entire look from the Designer Exclusives at The Designer Circle.  I have to say really good round, lots of awesome items. The Designer Circle begins its half-way point this weekend, that most likely is the other reason I used so many Designers from their.  I wanted to give you all lots of time to pick up the awesome discounts!

I am also giving you a little sneak peek at one of the Designers from The Attic @ The Deck!  Yes that right folks it’s time for another Round of The Attic to begin.  Since The Attic doesn’t actually open till Tomorrow, November 21st, I decided to just give you a taste of what you can find there. Oh trust me I will definitely be showing you lots more from The Attic in the next two weeks!  Original Blog Post .:HERE:.