#288 – [KD] Charmander Avatar Rework

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[KD] Studio – Charmander Avatar Rework – [Only 350 L$ @ Marketplace]

This is Charmander rework, not only visually upgraded, but also improved in other aspects, here is the list:

  • 2 Skins
    NOTE: you must wear only one of em, if the character somehow deforms, just attach and detach the HEART it will fix the avatar.
  • Added removable outlines.
  • Added UV maps and samples/skin FULL PERM.
  • Added an AO and also cute moving sprite!
  • Added Typing animation.
  • Added moving eyes.
  • Improved blinking eyes.
  • Added random.
  • Improved fire tail particle.
  • Fireblast -> Flamethrower.

//Fireblast was just a little too much for a Charmander to handle, so we decided to change it into a proper move, Flamethrower, and made it simpler and prettier.

Flamethrower inner changes:

  • Lowered burned target from 30 secs -> 1.5 secs.
  • Lowered the volume to 50% of the original.
  • Changed mouselook -> Hud with (Flamethrower and Stop…

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