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Thanksgiving 2015- Welcome Tablescape

A few left till Thanksgiving, check out my T-Day tablescape!


Captain Sugarplum

Lost in my Imagination

Captain Sugarplum2

Captain Ande head

 Enchantment Goodness on a Ship! This ship is actually on the Enchantment sim, When you teleport in right behind the landing point if you turn around Boom! Your there.. Enchantment has been going on Since November14th and Goes on til December 5th.. I love that this event goes on for so long so everything gets a chance to be seen.

There have been some Entertainment things happening every Evening near the landing point some people have been singing and there’s always been a pretty good crowd.. I normally have a really hard time just standing in one place so While I listened to tunes I was pretty much cammed around checking out the decor and other peoples Avi’s.

This ship had to be in one of my pictures cause  HELLO PIRATES! cant have a Neverland theme without some Pirates..

What i found really interesting about this is that DeadDollz came…

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