Time for a little redecorating

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

As my readers know, I finally settled on a home awhile ago now and I haven’t changed much since I moved in, just a few things here and there. My attic eclectic look had kind of taken over which suited me just fine, until The Liaison Collaborative opened yesterday with their Bohemian theme. Now my two sides are fighting with each other and in the end I called a truce picking up a few new pieces from Zerkalo at FaMESHed and a whole bunch of Bohemian items from The Liaison Collaborative, satisfying both sides of my personality. Now the trick will be to make everything go together seamlessly in the house, but that after all is the appeal of haphazard styling!

DIGS brings the Malabar Set to The Liaison Collaborative with wonderful coordinating pieces and colors tailored to the more Bohemian side of life. The Love Seat and Chair…

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Something in my chemistry always calls me back to the sea

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

With the holidays fading into the background as the new year starts I can feel the weight of the last year lifting as hope grows for the future. Some stressors always follow us into the new year and this one is no exception. I have always found my peace either in the mountains or on the shore of the nearest ocean which is probably why I make the mountains of Arizona my home. If the ocean’s call is too strong then I can simply jump in my car and be wiggling my toes in the sands of Mexico or California, depending on which way I headed, in just a few hours. The bitter cold and foot of snow has me longing to stick my toes in the sand of a sun warmed beach with my eyes closed, simply breathing with the waves. So when I unpacked my goodies from EvelineIntheBox

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Whoever said redheads can’t wear pink, obviously never met the right one

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Though never a carrot topped redhead, I have been on the redder side of blonde since I was born with a patch of penny Copper red hair and blue eyes. Within a few years, not days or months, my eyes turned cat eye green and my hair blonde with these streaks of copper all through it, but I always wished I had been born with the porcelain skin and freckles like so many other redheads in the world. However, just like those redheads, I was told repeatedly that I could never wear pink, “Redhead’s don’t wear pink!” It was almost a mantra by the time I hit my teens but I LOVED pink, especially pink and orange together, which at the time was not a fashionable combination, but what did I care, I was a rebellious teen! Then Molly Ringwald and her freckles and deep red hair hit the screen…

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