Something in my chemistry always calls me back to the sea

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

With the holidays fading into the background as the new year starts I can feel the weight of the last year lifting as hope grows for the future. Some stressors always follow us into the new year and this one is no exception. I have always found my peace either in the mountains or on the shore of the nearest ocean which is probably why I make the mountains of Arizona my home. If the ocean’s call is too strong then I can simply jump in my car and be wiggling my toes in the sands of Mexico or California, depending on which way I headed, in just a few hours. The bitter cold and foot of snow has me longing to stick my toes in the sand of a sun warmed beach with my eyes closed, simply breathing with the waves. So when I unpacked my goodies from EvelineIntheBox

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