Using your eyes now, using your mind, using my mind

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

No matter what mood I start out in, if I am blogging and I unbox some new lingerie a kind of wistful euphoria takes over and even though the lace isn’t on my own skin, I immediately feel sexy. My grandmother was a firm believer in always wearing something lacy that others couldn’t see because it was a constant reminder to be a lady. This morning was no exception with this gorgeous new release from DaneMarkZ and a song, as usual, started to play it’s way through my mind which of course I had to share it with you all!

Undress Me Now
Using your mind
Imagine our skin
Joined at the hip
Joined from within
By using your eyes
You’re freezing my frame
Watching our clothes burst into flames
Using your eyes now
(Undress me now, you know how)
Using your mind
Using your mind
So give me…

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