Always Deer – A Tribute to the late Alan Rickman

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I remember standing in line at Barnes and Noble in 1998 to pick up the first two Harry Potter books with a big pregnant belly. I remember the first being a constant companion during a mostly bed-ridden pregnancy and I remember distinctly the feeling of falling in love with the characters. When my son was born, I read to him nightly from the books and through the years they became a staple of our lives. When my son’s Father was killed, I know I buried myself in books and movies to escape my pain, and I know the movies were in constant rotation in the VCR. My son identified with Harry, and the loss of his parents quite significantly and I believe there were times when the movies helped ease his grief as well. As the years have gone by we both tend to do our movie marathons of the…

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