Thief in the night

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I love when I am going through blogger boxes and I unpack something and a persona, or character is born. Today, this complete ensemble from Masoom, suddenly turned me into a cat burglar and I was on the prowl. Sneaking through windows, light on my feet, a thief in the night, slinking off into the inky blackness with precious jewels. Like so many, I wondered how cat burglars don’t get caught, but as I looked at myself in the darkness of my bedroom I actually laughed. Who on earth would call the cops if they found someone who looked like that in their bedroom in the middle of the night?! I might hesitate, ask for her fashion tips and my jewelry before watching her leave.

The Mahagony outfits is 100% original mesh work currently an exclusive for the Mesh Body Addicts event. The bodysuit comes in Fitted Mesh, sizes…

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