These walls have seen blood, sweat, tears and dreams come true.

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

If the walls could talk in a young girl’s bedroom oh the stories they would have to tell. Imagine the girl whose father put up a ballet bar when she put on her first pair of toe shoes with dreams of the Paris Ballet. The hours spent practicing and dreaming as she thumbs through post cards from France, or reads her books or studying every move of the Prima Ballerina of her time all witnessed by the walls of her room. Every where you peek inside this private space a piece of her dreams is revealed by the knick knacks around the room and most obviously by the practice bar that seems to be the center of her world. The blood, sweat and tears from all the hard work paving the way to her dreams. That is after all, the lesson learned as we enter adulthood, hard work is the…

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