I Don’t Fold My Stance Is Centred

I Dont Fold My Stance Is Centred


Clif Beanie Hat V3 / Bad Unicorn 

Lattemya Tumbler Dank / ValeKoer

Plated Gold Bracelet / Fli

Human EarsPLUG / N0!Project 

TMC Hairbase / Unorthodox 

West Coast-Bike -Gold- RARE / Bueno

West Coast-Bike -Cherry / Bueno


Turtlenecked Pullover / Wonton @MonsieurChic

Bootcut Jeans Black (Rare) / Flite

Concrete Shaman Shoes / Valekoer @MonsieurChic


Life happens in a well loved room

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

The day I saw the preview for The Gacha Garden from *YS&YS* I knew once again that I would be grabbing everything I could from that machine, just like the last round. So when I got my early access skipped over happily and began the rapid depletion of funds which always seems to happen when I am there! Once again I ended up picking up all kinds of things for my home, but with a move to a bigger parcel soon, I will now have the room to decorate as I like. I realized, as I picked up another set of what would be considered vintage or shabby chic, why I love these pieces. They look well loved. I grew up in a home where the furniture ended up becoming mine and that is what I love about every piece. Life happened in rooms that were well loved. The scratches…

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Look Book 261


Hair: .EMBW. Vanya Hair .unrig =>NEW SaNaRae

Strap: *Cila*Faey Flower shoulder 06 =>NEW SaNaRae

Dress: *Cila*Faey Flower one-piece 06 black =>NEW SaNaRae

Boots: REIGN.- Dare Knit Knee High Boots- Black


Hair: .EMBW. Vanya Hair Curler .unrig =>NEW SaNaRae

Lip: .EMBW. Ombre Lipsticks – Cherry (glossy) =>NEW SaNaRae

(.EMBW. Ombre Lipsticks Pink set)


EyeShadow: (*ANGELICA) HARLEY QUINN #purple x green =>NEW SaNaRae