This to Shall pass

Lost in my Imagination

this to shall pass

What a week it has been, For me its been one of those weeks where I think I could have just stayed in bed and Avoided All the over thinking that it  has brought to me. There are new events in the works for second life this week, If you havent Stopped in to We ❤ roleplay  for opening Day Your missing out, I am pretty sure I spent my allotment of Lindens for this month.. eeep. I dont officially Blog for We ❤ roleplay but I sure do enjoy the things that are made for this event. Infact for awhile one of my inworld friends and I  made it out to sort of be our inworld Friend date to go check out we ❤ roleplay together just to talk about all the creative things you can see there. Zenith created this awesome Leather amor arm piece, its just so…

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