Looking Red Carpet ready in Virtual Diva for The Instruments

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Like any girl, I think, or anyone who likes to get all fancied up, the dream of getting to walk the Red Carpet for some star studded event is very real. No matter if you will ever have an occasion to wear something that magnificent or not, I am guilty of perusing the photos to see the latest dress or gown the hottest stars of today have on at their latest Hollywood event. When I set my eyes on this gorgeous new dress from Virtual Diva, an exclusive to The Instruments, I had visions of the Red Carpet and for a moment I was whisked away to a place of glitz and glamour with the paparazzi snapping photos left and right. Doesn’t matter what event you have coming up, if you are looking to stun those around you in a beautifully designed and extremely well textured dress, then head…

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