The Green Lady

Now all you young fellows take heed what I tell.
A-down in the wood a Green Lady do dwell.
And a bush lad drew nigh with a roving eye
And she called to him, “Draw near! Come here!”
But his sweetheart she ran and caught hold of her man
And she took him away and to him she did say
“You shan’t die. You shan’t die at the end of the year.”
All under the tree
There sits a Green Lady.


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The Diary of a Royal

Amity Style

The Diary of a Royal
While working on my outfit for the next Miss Royalty challenge, I realized that I never blogged the outfit I put together for our contestants meeting. It was the first time that most of us had been in the same room together. We were asked to style with the theme of “Princess Diaries 2” in mind. It’s been a while since I saw the film and unfortunately I couldn’t find it on Netflix. I really need to watch both again as I loved them when I was younger and read most of the book series. What I remember most from “Princess Diaries 2” were the parties. I was particularly drawn to an outdoor party, especially after I saw the venue for our meeting and how it had an open ceiling, large glass windows and vines hanging from the walls. It seemed perfect to style particularly for a garden tea party.

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