Ocean Loft Set by [CIRCA] @ Color Me Project

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I was fortunate enough in my youth to get to travel all over the world, but one of my favorite places was Maui, where we spent every Christmas.&nbsp; I have always loved decorating one room in the house, usually the one with the most windows in bright floral prints and solids with rattan and wood bases and no matter where you look in my home you will find plants, flowering and not.&nbsp; These little things make me happy and give me those warm and fuzzies of home that I truly love.&nbsp; The newest release from <b>[CIRCA]</b> for the <i><b>Color Me Project</b></i> reminds me a lot of those days on Maui and it made me a bit nostalgic for those times with my toes curled in the sand with no cares in the world.&nbsp;

Ocean Loft Set – [CIRCA]
Bali Area Rug – Set of 3
Coffee Table – Wave Style

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!creamSH! in Pose Fair & Hunt

Hello~~! This is !cream spaghetti hair!.
I information new release and Events.

❤❤ New Event 1 ❤❤
Pose Fair 2016

Pose Fair 2016 Poster
03.12 (12:00pm) – 03.26 2016 (SLT)

􀀀!creamSH! Jump Pose Pack 1 AD
!creamSH! Jump Pose Pack 1

!creamSH! mesh hands &amp; feet pose set 2 AD
!creamSH! mesh hands & feet pose set 2

【Dollarbie GIFT】
!creamSH! Stand Pose Pack 2 mini AD􀀂
!creamSH! Stand Pose Pack 2 mini

▲▼ !cream spaghetti hair! booth → ▲▼

Pose Fair 20160312_!CreamSH!

❤❤ New Event 2 ❤❤
KIYOMIZU Spring Hunt 2016

KIYOMIZU spring Treasure Hunting 2016-2
03.12 (04:00am) – 04.10 (06:00am) 2016 (SLT)
My hunt prizes were hidden in two locations.
▲▼ No.18􀀎 ▲▼
!creamSH! Shelf A AD_Kiyomizu􀀐
!creamSH! Shelf A
at main shop

▲▼ No.68 􀀏 ▲▼
􀀃!creamSH! Kelly Dress AD_kiyomizu
!creamSH! Kelly Dress
at Anime Inn Market

Have a enjoy these events ❤

Doing a bit of California Dreaming

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For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you will know that last week I got some news about my neck, and for those who don’t, I will get you all up to speed very quickly. I will be having surgery on April 26th and I am unsure of how long I will be away from Second Life and blogging. I knew this was the direction I was headed in, but the reality of it has hit me harder than expected. But everyday it seems to get a bit worse, and the pain increases and I become much more ready for the rather extensive surgery. One of the things plaguing me over the past few days is the fact I cannot warm up. The temperatures in the mountains of Arizona have been consistently in the mid to high 50’s as of late, which means my house warms up plenty…

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