Blue Spring

Spring and Summer
I dont do sadness
Every other day
Hey, Ive done my time
Blue wind gets so lost
Lookin back on it all and it blows my mind
Goin’ through the big corn and bales of hay

Blue Spring

Hi all!

Spring is in the air and Astralia has an amazing gacha at The Fantasy Collective!I love the softness of the textures and options for such lovely flowers!

7 Deadly s{k}ins  has the March group gift on! The beautiful Merle includes 12 skin tones,in apricot and caramel tones and includes slink feet and hands and lolas appliers too. I´m showing you the variations in caramel with some great freckles too!

The Gathering is open and Oxide has some amazing bracers for this round! I paired it with a lovely collar from  Roawenwood for The Fantasy Collective. There’s a white and a black version and includes a color gem HUD too.

Check out the details:
Blue Spring Collage

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In the spotlight – Club Couture from Virtual Diva

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

The Spring season marks the start of garden parties and evening soirees which means you are going to be looking for new gowns for your fanciest occasions, and I have the PERFECT dress for whatever event comes your way!

This absolutely stunning gown is one of the newest creations from the amazing creator of Virtual Diva Couture. The Club Couture gown comes with the earrings, appliers for several mesh bodies, as well as standard layers with the skirt being an add-on piece. The Maitreya applier worked perfectly and I will tell you that up close, this top is quite sheer, so make sure your skins pink parts sit right with the bodice applique or you will be showing a bit more than you intended! The detailing on the top continues to the bottom of the leather skirt giving you a clean line from top to bottom in this gorgeous new…

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We’re runnin’ out of moonlight

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

It’s getting late and the moon is rising high in the sky, time is flying away from us as we travel down this winding, wild road together. As I stare into your eyes I am reminded of a song and I can’t stop thinking of how it applies tonight. Just you and I, runnin’ out of moonlight!

Runnin’ Outta Moonlight
Randy Houser
Don’t you worry ’bout gettin’ fixed up
When you wake up, you’re pretty enough
Look out your window at the cloud of dust
That’s my headlights, that’s my truck

Come on baby, don’t you keep me waitin’
I gotta go, I’ve got a reservation
Tailgate for two underneath the stars
Kiss on your lips when you’re in my arms

Girl, every now and then you get a night like this
This is one that we don’t wanna miss, no

Come on baby let me take you…

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