Keep watching, I’m still working on my masterpiece

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I have a little story to share with you all about an absolutely wonderful experience I have had on flickr recently. As bloggers and photographers we constantly strive to be better and to learn new tricks and to gain more and more knowledge as we grow. Part of this development is to be accepted into groups that require an invitation, which I have often found to be incredibly daunting, as I am rather shy until you get to know me. So that move of putting myself out there isn’t something I often do. Recently I took a leap, applying for a group, that I honestly didn’t think I was ready to be a part of, so when the rejection notice came via flickr I was in no way upset. It just marked another step in my journey and proved I was right about the skill level I had achieved with…

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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Audrey Hepburn

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Every year, for almost as long as I can remember now, I have spent the early days of March cultivating baby plants in the windows of my home. As the tiny seeds sprout above the soil, raising their heads to the sun, a promise is made for the coming of Spring and the bounty of Summer that will quickly follow. You don’t take the time to toil in a garden unless you believe in tomorrow, because otherwise what would be the point? Every new arrival brings hope of what will follow; whether a plant, vegetable, fruit or tuber, each one holds a promise. Sometimes I think the promise is of course dinner on a distant Summer night with friends out under the stars, and other times I simply think it is a vow of more beautiful days to come. Which can warm the blood even in the darkest of cold…

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Kinky Monthly, Designer Circle, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, -{ZOZ}- @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room, a Sweet Freebie and More!

Wait till you all see Lilliana’s look Today, unless you are one of those people who only look at the pictures, in that case you may know!  For those who haven’t, you may be scared, I was scared! LOL  Lilliana looks like a little Evil Bunny, and I love it!  I should have taken my photos in a grimy city though, but every time I tried one, ping, ping, ping went my IM Box.  So I chose a Forest for my little Dark Bunny!  You all didn’t know that dark side of Lilliana, next time ask somebody! LOL

Okay, I’m doing it again going off on yappity yap!  So for the post today, I am bringing you sneak peeks from the Kinky Monthly, a last look at Designer Circle #126, and a first look at the new round of Cosmopolitan Sales Room!  My AWESOME Designers are EMPORIUM, Analog Dog, 7 Deadly s{K}ins,  WoW Skins, Maniac Store, Tapi, {ZOZ}, IOS Poses and Eternal Dream Poses!

Plus I mentioned a Sweet Freebie, it’s a Group Gift with a Free Join.  For this Sweetness, you’ll need to Join the HairSL Group.  Hair, huh, must be Free Hair you say.  You are correct, keep reading the Freebie Comes later!  We start with what Lilliana is wearing and here we go!  Original Blog Post .:HERE:.