Final Fantasy

Ate mo naku samayotteita
Tegakari mo naku sagashi tsuzuketa
Anata ga kureta omoide o
Kokoro o iyasu uta ni shite

I was wandering without a destination
I continued to search without any clues
Making the memories you gave to me
Into a song to heal my heart

Final Fantasy

Hi all!

So last hours of Fantasy Faire 2016 and i’m already missing it!

But there’s still time for some fun exploring and grabbing NAMINOKE amazing kimono! I added some newness of the new amazing event Kowaii PonPon that starts today!

If you love creepy kawaii this is for you!  Check out the lovely location and all the wonderful designers and have fun!I’m totally in love with my Squishy Eyepatch from Distorted Dreams and my amazing bow from {Lovefox}!

Fair Play opens today too and there’s so much amazing stuff to see and grab.My lovely choker from Le Coq D’or is one of them!

Moon is having this cute hair on sale at 5L so while you explore just go grab yours too:)

All credits here ❤