Atarashī – Meet the MALT!

Harmony Sandalphon


I’d like to introduce a dark, handsome addition to the blog – my male ALT! (or MALT as it were!) After having the account just sitting there from a past male freebie-finding challenge, I thought it would be fun to add some male fashions and accessories to the mix here. I spend quite a bit of time looking at the newest male fashion anyway so why not start blogging it?!

So I recently took the time to grab the Slink Physique and Slink male mesh hands and started to explore my options for a mesh head. There’re a few options out there, depending on your price range but my favourites were definitely the Catwa Justin head & this one from LOGO. And as soon as I saw Tableau Vivant had brought out an applier for it BOOM. It was mine!

The Men’s Dept is always a smart place for any male…

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