Hundred angles lost
Fleeing from the beat and the pulse
Laughing like a fool
Playing for the heart and the soul
And the soul

Hi all!

We all know the world ins´t perfect and its up to each one of us to make everyday a little effort to make it better.

Everywhere there’s hate and prejudice but its up to us to work around it and create more awareness and more respect for every difference between us. Cause its all the differences that unite us as human race, not our color nor our sexual orientation.

Let’s give some love and support and make the our World a better place, for all of us.

Pulse is an event to raise funds for the Pulse Victims Fund– all the proceeds are going to the Orlando fund for the families who lost loved ones recently-.  Come and show your support and go shopping!

//elephante poses// made a very cute pose set with hearts  props and all 100% goes to the fundraiser. Make sure you grab yours until the 12th July.

I picked lassitude & ennui. Rainbow kitteh to help me out with the picture and its cutie is a preview for Gacha Guardians that will start on the 1st July.

There’s some gifts ! [CAROL G]  has this lovely tattoo for free in the Main store! How awesome is that?!

Plus,check out a new event: Japonica-2016 Summer, where Cherry house  will have some cuties for you too to decor your house, it opens on July 1st.

Check all credits and have fun shopping!