“Love is not in our choice but in our fate.” John Dryden

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

For many years now I have firmly believed that love is an ever elusive creature, hard to catch and even harder to keep. Once upon a time I had my fairy tale wedding with lofty dreams of a beautiful forever that was crushed by the darkness of abuse. Though I have been in a couple of relationships since, I never got married again and in some ways I don’t think I ever will, in the traditional sense of the word. I hate the fact that the government tells me I have to have a piece of paper to declare my love for someone, and that others are denied the same right. Love is something to be celebrated, not hidden; to stand in front of your friends, family and what ever higher power you embrace is the purest and truest way to show your love. No piece of paper can ever…

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There’s a place in my mind
No one knows where it hides
And my fantasy is flying

It’s a castle in the sky

It’s a world of our past
Where the legend still lasts
And the king wears the crown
By the magic spell is law

Fairytales live in me
Fables coming from my memory

Fantasy is not a crime
Find your castle in the sky


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