“We will carve our place into time and space We will find our way, or we’ll make a way.” Alessia Cara

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

As my son approaches that golden hour of adult hood where he will head out on his own, I find myself repeating the same things over and over again. We seem to be in a constant conversation about finding himself and making his way outside of the “popular” crowd to a place where being different is okay and actually encouraged. I have heard my generation are now called Helicopter parents and I now understand what that means. Those of us born in the 70’s who came of age in the 80’s seem to hover around our children because as kids most homes had both parents working, which led to a lot of unsupervised hours with us latchkey kids. We did it all and saw it all and know exactly what our children can get up to in those times when an adult isn’t looking, so of course we tend to…

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A Day Just For Me

Baxton Avenue

So Much Better

So Much Better 2

I just have to say Thank Goodness for off days! I’m not talking about an off day where you’re off work but yet you still have a lot of errands to run. I’m talking about those off days where you can just literally stop everything and sit back with a nice glass of sweet red wine and think clearly without cluttered thoughts of who needs this, who wants that or what needs to be done next. Sure there’s always something that needs to be done for whatever reason, but if you’re constantly on the go and never make time for yourself I can assure you that you will burn yourself out, become cranky and take things out on those around you whom don’t deserve it. Learn how to cut things off for a day at least once a week or every two weeks, take a deep sigh and perhaps even…

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Marsha Mello

Hair – Truth Hair – Atalia – Epiphany

Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Maren – Powder – Mesh Body Addicts

Head – LeLutka – Aria

Hands – Maitreya

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Feet – Maitreya

Eyes – Ikon


Top – Tooty Fruity – Crop Top Slogans – ATB3

Shorts – I – Layla Shorts – ATB3

Shoes – Tooty Fruity – TipToe Sneakers

Pose – Signature Poses – 020

Carrie Mel

Hair – Little Bones – Juno – Free Gift

Skin – Amara Beauty – Liza – Honey – Buy Now

Head – Catwa – Gwen

Hands – Maitreya

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Feet – SLink – High

Eyes – Ikon


Top – Tooty Fruity – Crop Top Slogans – ATB3

Shorts – I – Layla Shorts – ATB3

Shoes – Tooty Fruity – TipToe Sneakers

Pose – Overlow Poses – Pack 86

Close-Up – Overlow Poses – Pack 86





Body: Maitreya
Dirt: -[TWC]- Dirt & Blood
Nails: [CX] Ice Nails


Bra:  Blueberry – Energy – Chain Bra ((Epiphany ))
Pantie: .aisling.Nina Panties
Wraps: fri. – Reverie.Wraps
Harness: Razor/// Guardian Harness


Piercing: .ARISE. Ashley Piercing
Piercing2: PUNCH / Diamond Nose Stud
Headband: =Zenith=Hippie Leather  Headband ((modded))
Mask: [ContraptioN] Masks: Iron Beast
Choker: :Z.S: Pagan choker
Armor: =Zenith=Monk
upper Arm: [SWaGGa] ApocMoto Elbow Pad
lower Arm: (AMD) Simple Bracer
Knees: fri. – Pandora.Knee.Pads
Axe: [CX] Sawblade Axe


As I sit here and slowly close my eyes
I take another deep breath
And feel the wind pass through my body
I’m the one in your soul
Reflecting inner light
Protect the ones who hold you
Cradling in your inner child

I need serenity
In a place where I can hide
I need serenity
Nothing changes, days go by


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