[OOTD] Brought Back to Life 7.27.16.

Miss Zombilicious

New goodies from Mello and M E O W poses!

Hair – [Mello] Dreams [Mello] New at Hair Fair! Thank you! ❤

Gag – tapi :: hook gag [tapi] at romp.

Fur – Violent Seduction – Beast Harness (Black) [Violent Seduction] at romp.

Top – SPIRIT – Eli top [BLACK] [SPIRIT] at Uber.

Bra – SPIRIT – Eli bra [BLACK] [SPIRIT] at Uber.

Bottoms – SPIRIT – Eli panties [BLACK] [SPIRIT] at Uber.

Shoes – #EMPIRE – Trollius [EMPIRE] Promo on MP.

Marks – [CX] Melted Hearts Tattoo – Fullbody [Cerberusxing] at Uber.

Pose – ! ::M E O W  P O S E S:: Elegant Pose Pack [M E O W] New thank you!

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I went wandering and got lost at Hestium

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

It has been quite a long time since I opened up the world map and just picked a destination I had never heard of and hit “teleport” so I figured it was about time. Lately I had been seeing posts on location at a place called Hestium, and knowing nothing about the location I typed in that word and headed on over. Upon landing I was quite entranced, as instead of it being a region of rolling hills, meadows to stroll through or winding woods, you are surrounded by water and stepped terraces encompassing a quaint village. Doves flutter above your head as the resident Corgi’s greet you behind the gated walls and the soft melody of numerous fountains soothe the soul as you peek in the windows of this amazingly appointed location. So do yourself a favor and head over and check it out for yourself, Hestium us a…

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Linda Reddevil's Blog

As I said goodnight to the latest round of students at SCALA™ Academy after my blogging class, I had to stop and think about the class I had just taught. Six years ago, I fondly remembered sitting in a classroom at iC Motions Agency and Rissa Friller discussing how important blogging was for the Second Life® model. She didn’t know how right she was and how essential, educational, and therapeutic blogging has been to me over the years.

EB Dress

During my class, I briefly mention scoping out locations to use as a backdrop for pictures so it seemed fitting that I used the very classroom where I speak those words, as my backdrop in today’s post. This will be my final round of teaching blogging at SCALA™ Academy and I’ll miss this classroom and the memory of the students’ who have passed through it.  I hope I encouraged some of them…

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OXIDE Shinta Set @ SaNaRae

OXIDE Shinta Set

A new round of SaNaRae is open!

{++ Teleport to SaNaRae++}

Not gacha. Everything displayed is included in the pack (texture HUD). The metals displayed separately in the pic for illustration purpose. 😀

  • Unrigged original mesh
  • Necklace + A pair of earrings
  • 4 metals, 10 stones.
  •  C/M/No transfer


Head & skin: Fiore Mesh Head + Doll applier

Hair: Dichotomy

Top: Neve