When Second Life and Real Life Collide

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

For the first time in all my years online I have a real life boyfriend who happens to be incredibly supportive of what I do, which I am truly thankful for but lately, with it being Summer, my posts find me with far less clothes on than normal and today I had, in my opinion, a rather amusing conversation. As I sat down to do my post for the day, I showed him the photos I had already set up and asked his opinion on which one I should do first. I chose to do a furniture post, but in the grouping of photos happens to be another bikini and tattoos picture. Out of the mouth of my oh so supportive man suddenly came the following, “Why do you have to wear so little in what seems like ALL your posts? Do you always have to be half naked?” To…

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Before you notice her

Lost in my Imagination

Before you notice herI started naming my blogs after songs, so if by chance they are named something really weird , blame Spotify, and that’s my reasons and I am sticking to it..lol I am in a love-hate relationship with this Lelutka hair called HF03, Sometimes when something is really out of my norm,it takes a little time for me to warm up to it, I’ve wanted a hair like this for awhile now in sl, Something a little “poofy” looking. but I am still not sure about it. Anyway. I did sort of a color match type thing. Zibska made some pretty awesome things for Shiny Sabby the July round, The Eyeshadow called Cacia ,the Lipstick called Sassa Lips , and the Necklace set called Calanthe can all by found at the July round of Shiny shabby. We still have a few more days in the month so you still have some time to…

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