Taking down my walls

Lost in my Imagination

Taking down my walls.Over the years I’ll admit I haven’t been fair to everyone I’ve come across. I have a tendency to throw up thick walls with new people that I meet. I have had 3 pretty big major tiffs with some people and the 1st time it took me a real long time to just let the hurt settle then I threw up a big wall the 2nd time I didn’t even see it coming and I threw up another wall when it was over. The 3rd time, Well the 3rd time I threw up several walls. For me, it’s really hard to let people in and sometimes its kinda of like having to get to know me again every day. I know we all go through it but my defense is I don’t let everyone know me fully and there is always a wall standing to keep me protected from any…

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Art Deco is All the Rage

Amity Style

Art Deco
As soon as I put on this jewelry set, I instantly thought of the 1920s, which then conjures up images of art deco design. As with the last set I posted, cameos are a main feature of the earrings and necklace. My favorite feature of this set is that there are so many options for the chokers – I’m wearing all the options here, but you can mix and match as you choose. There is also a broach that comes with it which is not featured.

Jewelry: Chop Zuey – San Guerlain Cameo Texture Change Set
Pose: BAXE POSES from the Jewelry Female set
Nail polish: .alme. – Memories Dark, available soon at the Miles of Memories event being held to support the Alzheimer’s Association (click the link for more info); opens September 9th

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At the edge of the property, where the blacktop ends, you will find us

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I have always been a fan of backyard camping, ever since I was a little girl, and it doesn’t matter if yours reminds you of a postage stamp, or if you happen to have acres to wander upon, in the end, it’s all the same. A tent, a campfire, food, friends and/or family with some music either from an old battered guitar or a vintage transistor radio, the key is to be away together and to unplug! As the trees are starting to change, and the night time temperatures are dipping into the mid 40’s I have an itch to take the tents out to the edge of the property, and camp out, like we are a million miles from home. Out behind the trees, and where the crooked and crumbly blacktop ends, you will find us in sweatshirts and jeans, circled around the fire roasting marshmallows or hot dogs…

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