Body: Maitreya
Scar: .ARISE. Face Whip Scar
Nails: . PUKI . My Short Square Nails

Dress: *:..Silvery K..:* Short Kimono Gown
Stola: {aii} + Hagoromo
Wraps: fri. – Reverie.Wraps


Mask: [CX] Restrained Demons Mask
Horns: [CX] Restrained Demons Horns
Horns2: {aii} + Twisted Forest Headdress
Piercing: .ARISE. Ashley Piercing
Piercing2: .ARISE. Nose Ring ((The Thrift Shop))
Necklace: {aii} + Sealed Beads Black
Rops: Stockholm&Lima: Pentagram Shibar

Lamp: //IMPROVE – Copper Lamp ((NEW))

Aloha Fair, Kinky Monthly, SWANK, [Hush] Skins, [P][H][A][T], {ZOZ}, Mesh Body Addicts, Group Gifts, and WomenStuff Hunt!

Hey Fans, it’s the first Friday of the Month.  In Second Life Shopping it’s Midnight Madness!  Were you able to join the first round that started at Midnight?  I tried to stay up, 12am SLT is 3am in my Zone.  3am is a little to late for me to stay up, I tried, but couldn’t do it.

When I woke up, it was like 5am SLT, it did get a bunch of Freebies, I was missing 5.  5 of my most favorite, I will try again at 12pm SLT!  Today starts a brand new Evil Bunny Productions Event, Fable begins Today.  I am an Exclusive Blogger to the Event so stay tuned for lots of Magic from Fable.  Today I have more Goodness from The Aloha FairThe Aloha Fair is the August Event that comes from The Event & Hunt Forever Planners.  I’ll be showing specials from regular reoccuring Events like Kinky Monthly, Mesh Body Addicts, [P][H][A][T], and SWANK.   I also have two Freebies for you a Group Gift and WomenStuff Hunt.

I also need a spanking Today.  I totally had my dates crossed, I swore there was one more week left for Designer Circle Round #135.  Unfortunately that Round ends Today.  I checked and the Designers are already changing their items for the next round.  I am sorry 😦   I have the links going to the main Stores of my two Designers. I was at my parents for a few days and totally lost track of time.  I did have an awesome time out East in Long Island though! 🙂

The Designers I have for you are Karla Boutique, [Pin-Up]. Apple Heart Inc., Truth, [Hush ] Skins, CNZ, Mayfly, {U.R.}, Petit Chat, {ZOZ} and Glitter Poses.  Lilliana is also wearing her CATWA Jessica Head and Belleza’s Venus.  Recently Belleza sent out an update on their Mesh Bodies.  I have to say, I will probably be wearing my Venus again, the HUD is super Awesome now, and lots of Alpha Cut-outs!  Original Blog Post .:HERE:.


Throw my head to the sky
Cover the sun in my eyes
I can see your silhouette, silhouette
I’ll find a way to get to you
You look at me and I blush
You’re like a perfect mirage
And they say you’re out of my league
Out of reach
I don’t mind

Never gonna give up
I won’t let nobody harm ya
I’mma fight for your love
Like a gladiator
Give it all that I’ve got
I’m your knight in shining armour
I’mma fight for your love
Like a gladiator
Like a gladiator


Have fun shopping!