Late Summer plans for a weekend of skinny dippin’

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

This entire Summer the family had plans to take a long weekend camping trip so we could just relax and bond a little instead of running all the time with the move and combining of house holds; but for all kinds of reasons that long weekend away hasn’t happened, YET! I have plans to kidnap my man and disappear out into the woods for a few days before the end of Summer for a true romantic, bohemian getaway next to a stream or lake, complete with a tiny tent built for two, tons of comfy pillows, a hammock, NO kids, and preferably very few clothes!

When I unpacked this new ensemble from NoName currently at The Thrift Shop, I went on a hunt on for the perfect location and stumbled upon this fantastic bohemian campground! I jumped into the hammock/swing and ended up taking a nap listening to the…

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