iPod Killed the Radio Star?

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All along I thought it was video that killed the radio star. Back in the 1980’s it certainly was the culprit. You’re asking yourself where is all this coming from? Look at the sign in the window in the picture below. ‘F*ck you and your Ipod’, it reads. I thought it was witty and very fitting considering my scene is a record store. Regardless of what really did kill the radio star, no one can argue that technology such as ipods, cellphones, computers, etc. have changed the way we get our music and our news.


I remember sitting in my bedroom for hours and hours listening to records play. I still have my entire collection of LP’s and some are definitely collector’s items. 👵 Remember picture discs back in the 80’s and 90’s? I have Michael Jackson’s Thriller LP on picture disc. I have Frampton Comes Alive on picture disc…

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