The secrets behind closed doors

Lost in my Imagination

the-secrets-you-hide-behind-closed-doorsI rarely do just pictures of a Scene without Anderian stealing all the spotlight. Recently I became the blogger for Rekt If you have no idea what that is I highly suggest you go check it out. A nice Limo will be in credits below. Rekt is starting to pop up all over the grid in all the events 🙂 ok not all but a good many! If it were all I’d question if the creator was part robot The door/gateway is by Rekt + Violetility you can find this item at the September round of We ❤ roleplay. There are 4 scripted models in the pack. The trees in the front are the Juniper trees by Little Branch and these can be found at the Liaison Collaborative. The walls are by Dysfunctional Designs and have the texture option to have them mossy or plan. The tree’s behind the wall…

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This is Right

Linda Reddevil's Blog

Enjoy some sexy looks to start off the week. I had planned to post these yesterday but I couldn’t log in due to RL work keeping me super busy.   I really love this Amara Dress from Elegance Boutique but I wanted to show that it can be even more versatile as a top with leggings.  I’m wearing my Slink Hourglass body with it and after I took the photo I noticed that my right breast looks huge compared to my left.  I’m sure it has to do with the pose. Hahaha


Next up is the Amy Skirt & Top from Elegance Boutique and let me just say I’m a huge fan of separate pieces so I can use one of them with other outfits.  Also, I went to a little known event the other day called Applique and found this really cool tattoo.  Since I’m wearing the faded version, it’s…

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i have never been to a ball quite like this…i love it

i have never been to a ball quite like this...i love it

i have never been to a ball quite like this...i love it

i have never been to a ball quite like this...i love it


 ” RAPTURE™ Helen Gown in Scarlet
::fiore:: Contour Mesh Head
L’etre Mesh Ears
L’etre Elyssa Skin in Azabache
::fiore:: Velma Hair in Browns
Lazuri– Perles De Gloire Special Edition Complete Set
REIGN Sybill Heels in Pomegranate


The book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel

Hi all!

I couldn’t pass the opportunity to send my best wishes to Daniel and Anais on this challenging hour.

The Book of Daniel  is a Fundraising Event that will be open until September 20th.
Daniel Estro, 29 years old, (co-owner of Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads) has cancer and desperately needs our help.
The fight for his life began when doctors discovered a malignant tumor in his brain, about 7 centimeters in diameter.
Daniel underwent life-threatening surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery went well.
However, several weeks later what was left of the tumor spread throughout his brain and started affecting his brain function..
He is currently undergoing chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy.
He is fighting as hard as he can to survive but as many of you might know, fighting cancer is very expensive.
He needs your help.
If you find the kindness in your heart to help, you will be saving not one life but two.
His RL/SL wife, Anais, is 28 years old and Daniel is all she has.
Zerkalo was their only source of income and Anais is unable to work without Daniel because he was the brand’s designer and mesh creator.
An in the darkest hours we need to reach out for the others and help, if not by any other means we can shop to raise some money for their expenses.
With all my love,


Head–GLAM AFFAIR – Lilo Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) Artic 02
Eyes-<Out of Orbit> Puppi Eyes – Pale Blossom  @The Alchemy
Hair-miwa’s airship \ Hair#03 .Pastel2 @The Book of Daniel
Tattoo- Cute Kawaii Tattoo [CAROL G] – Maitreya ADD @The Book of Daniel
Body-Addams // Rebecca BodySuit // Maitreya *Free Group Gift*
Manicure-{ZOZ }Good Girl Polish (Maitreya) HUD @ Whore Couture
Slippers-+Half-Deer+  Sweet Dream Slippers [Unicorn Cat] RARE
Maitreya Body
Catwa Destiny
[evoLove] – DWTD @ {Pose Lover} Event


Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Pink and Gold) @The Book of Daniel
Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Gold) @The Book of Daniel
38 – 8f8 – Storyseller’s Burrow – Study Set
.Atomic. Gacha // Fluffy Macarons – Raspberry (old gacha, may find it at MP)
Apple Fall Fig & Blackberry Cake @The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-8.Five drawer cabinets @The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-4.ceiling lamp white @The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-6.Rose tray @The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-1.The dove decorative frame @The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-7.Vase with branches @The Book of Daniel