I’ve got “a short fuse, that I still use.” Red Light Kings

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

For the most part, I don’t consider myself that different from other people when it comes to doing what you have to and smiling even when you feel like cutting someone’s head off, but I remember when my temper got places before me and, on occasion, I kind of miss being able to get away with having a short fuse. For the last couple of weeks my car has had a big sign on it saying “screw with me,” at least that’s how it seems. From the idiot who was following too close, so I slowed down and found he and his Jeep off the road on the right hand side of me, acting like he was going to hit the car, to the guy downtown who decided that he owned the road and didn’t care if I was already in the turn lane and ran me into the curb…

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