I used to think a “Men Working” sign was a good thing in the bedroom

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I remember back in high school and my early college years joking about stealing one of those highway road work signs that says, “Men Working” and hanging it over my bed. It used to amuse the hell out of me, and to this day, still kind of does in that juvenile sort of way. That feeling changed yesterday however, as the men of my home had to tear up the carpet and padding to see what was wrong with the floor, since it was starting to collapse; only to discover a cracked floor support piece. Which means, I need a “Men Working” sign this weekend to remind me to avoid the extremely large hole in the bedroom floor that just happens to be on my side of the room on the way to the bathroom. Being the fix-it man he is, the boyfriend thinks it is going to be an…

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