My Coffin

The blood inside my veins is poisoned by funerals and dreams
The beauty of life crushed
Death is the life and destiny
The night so dark and everlasting
Where death and pain remains

Burn my coffin – release the soul
Burn my coffin – unveil the shadow

Black candles burn tonight
As my soul begins it’s flight
As the veil of Darkness lowers it’s shadow
I travel through the night

Burn my coffin…

My Coffin
Have fun shopping!

Dramatic? Pfft! I prefer heathen! – Style Personalities Part II

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Personal style is not something that is just in the air. It is something you have and that you apply to yourself.
Paloma Picasso

Just in case you missed yesterday’s post, do yourself a favor and go back and catch-up as I provided a lot of back ground information on style personalities that set the foundation for the remainder of the fashion articles this week, including this one. For the second post in the style personality series I am going to discuss the Dramatic style because it happens to be the broadest category, and it also happens to make up the basis of many of the personality combinations that exist, as very few people are clearly and succinctly one style.

The Dramatic woman loves to make a statement every time she gets dressed. She adores bold, geometric and abstract prints, combined with striking, bright color mixes for her accessories and…

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