The witching hour…

Cada vez más cerca, hay que tener listo el disfraz, tanto si te quedas en casa como si sales a celebrarlo. Es tiempo de disfrazarse. Yo prefiero más la idea de estar en casa, recogidos, con poca luz y contando historias que den un poquito de miedo, pero sólo un poquito, eh !!! It is coming, almoit it is here and we need our costume ready, no matter if we stay at home or get out to any party, it is time to dress up. I would reather prefer staying at home, cozzy, warm, turning down lights and sharing scaring tales, but just a little bit scaring, please !!!
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You make me feel

Lost in my Imagination

you-make-me-feelI am knocking out blogs at a slow rate.. I have the ideas, I know how I want them to be and look like but I keep going back and changing and moving things and Re-editing the pictures , I re-edited this picture 3 times..  3 times!! Anyway.. Did you know that Wicca’s Wardrobe is at the event called Freakshow? Well it is and Wicca and her hubs came out with this amazing little teal look that has everything to do with Tentacles and You will never guess what it’s called Are you ready? can you guess? It’s called Ursula such a fitting name.. I actually Rezzed the Headpiece which can be worn full or you can make the cap that covers the head completely invisible.. oooh Magic…Like I was saying I rezzed the headpiece and made it bigger and Sat my Avi on it as the prop.. I added some E.V.E…

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