Trying to find out where im going

Lost in my Imagination

trying-to-find-where-im-goingI am thinking that I want to start at least once a week an outfit that’s something casual, something that fits in an everyday wear category, and I am starting that today. Reverie has a dress at Fameshed it is called  ‘Autumn Heat’ , this dress has a hud that where you can change shirt color or add a design and the same with the skirt there is an option to change the texture on the skirt. I paired this with the Glam Kitten hair by Besom that was a two day special that was around for Halloween. The purse is a new item that will be coming in the newest round of enchantment. Like I said I will try and make this a thing in my week to do something that’s not so edgy or so fantasy based and even though Anderian is wearing Elf ears now.. Don’t hold it against her, Her…

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Aphrodite – Terra Rustic Dining Room Set

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

That old saying, what can go wrong, will has been part of my life since Sunday morning when I came into the “office” to blog my last post for Fashion Week and my computer screen wouldn’t stop flashing off and on.  I looked up the issue on the net and attempted a fix looking frantically back and forth from the phone to the computer only to have it not fix the issue.  So I packed up the tower and off to Best Buy and Geek Squad I went to have them save my new baby, since it was just purchased in July.  On the way there, I noticed my brakes suddenly start making a screeching noise so badly on the right side I was afraid to drive home, so of course that was on tap for first thing Monday morning on my sudden unexpected three day vacation, to only wake…

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