I’ll be waiting under the mistletoe

Looking out the window
Waiting for your headlights
To pull up in the driveway
It’s really coming down tonight
You’re scared that I won’t make it through the storm
You should be here with me, safe and warm

I’ll be waiting under the mistletoe
While you’re driving here through the winter snow
Baby think of me if it helps to get you home
When the only gift that I really need
Is to have your arms wrapped around me
Baby think of me if it helps to get you home
Home this Christmas

I´ll be waiting under the mistletoe

For all my readers, friends, amazing creators, fellow bloggers and all of you outhere, i wish you all an amazing Christmas, filled with Joy, Love and good Food! 😛
I will return after Christmas Day for more fashion and decor of our amazing Grid!
❤ Merry Christmas! ❤

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Huge Post Today Fans!  I’m a little behind on the Blogging tip.  RL is just very busy.  I want to try and talk fast Today, as one of my Events has an end date of Tomorrow… Original Blog Post .:HERE:.