BishBox in Second Life: January 2017 – Unboxed

Harmony Sandalphon

Hello my lovelies! Today I’m super excited to bring you my first ever unboxing video for BishBox!

BishBox: January 2017

BishBox is a monthly subscription box for women with a bit of an edge and a whole load of attitude, if you like fashion and accessories with a bit of impact this is the box for you!


  • Pre-order at a kiosk at the HQ or participating stores.
  • The box costs $1500L.
  • Pre-orders open until the 20th of the month.
  • Boxes are delivered on the 20th of the month.
  • Past boxed are available for $3000L.

I’m certainly digging the style of this box and I’m excited to see what the upcoming months will bring us! Here’s the unboxing video!

Dress: [I<3F] & co. – Glamour Dress (BishBox)
Shoes: Essenz – New Delhi (BishBox)
Necklace: Kibitz – Routina Necklace (BishBox)
Rings: Suicide Gurls – Giza Rings (

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Game Night at Grandma’s


In need of renewing your space? 


Midnight Ride

You’re off by a long sight
You’ve got to find your reason right now
To put that eye up to the keyhole
To find the answers to the questions
What’s it like or what’s in fashion
This passion keeps us moving along
Could I be down to try to get up off the ground
To survive without you
Cause you’ll still be living
While I’m busy singing to live
Give up, give in
Or get up on the roof of the big time
And try to pretend you knew better
I don’t care about you
Cause you’ll still be living
While I’m busy singing

Take one step
Have you got it in you
You’ll have to take it if you want to
You’ll have to face the consequences
That can bring you down
Don’t try and play the game
Cause you could get knocked back underground
Take one step

Midnight Ride

Have fun shopping!
A special thank you for my knight, my saviour for this post! ❤