Dark Romance


Truly, madly, deeply….I love decorating bedrooms!



It’s already time ago, it breaks my heart
Once again, we didn’t say things
And now the answer to the question in your eyes
If I could only dare to tell you

Won’t you be my baby,
Please, stay, make me home

Cuz I never knew the color blue until I was loosing you
I’ve been colorblind
And I don’t know what to do
Baby, I believe that I will be broken until you’re mine
‘Til you’re mine

Baby, I’ve had enough
And you know I’m not that tough
Thinking about a future without you in it
I’ve never felt something like this
I can’t take it anymore, don’t you understand?
Won’t you be mine?
Be mine


Have fun shopping!

D-Style, Hipster Fair 2017, SWANK, Evil Bunny Productions, TWE12VE, WoW Skins, Moondance Jewels, and Dark Passions @ Genre!


Hippie Chick is what I would call the theme of Lilliana’s look Today.  A majority of Today’s Post is brought to you courtesy of The Hipster Fair 2017.  I post some Poses found at Hipster 2017 previously but a nice juicy Post with a few Designer Exclusives from the Event is what is really due from me.

I am also showing a few more item from different Events as well like SWANK, Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE and Genre.  The  super awesome Designers I am using are D-Style, Perch, Gypsy Chic, LA Bos, OTB!, MunSpain, %Percent, Charme, WoW Skins, Lush Ink, Dulce Secrets, Moondance Jewels, Real Evil, and Dark Passions!  Original Blog Post is .:HERE:.