[PUMEC] skin fair

countess of underworld


hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Danielle Mesh Hair
skin app – .:[PUMEC] :. – .:Molly:. – / September – SKIN (Catwa) @skin fair
eyes – ### [PUMEC] – / Mesh Eyes – PACK #3
mesh body – Altamura: “SOFIA” MESH BODY HEADLESS
dress – Scandalize. MILITAR GG

hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Skyler Mesh Hair
skin – .:[PUMEC] :. – .:Astrid:. – / January – SKIN (Catwa) @skin fair

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New Release – M’era Luna Couture – Chantel Dress – Black

!!NEW RELEASE!! Chantel Dress In Black

What you get in this package is:

You get Classic System layers for non-mesh avatars.

You will also get the OMEGA HUD System for mesh avatars.

There are 4 Mesh standard sized corsets but you CAN wear them with mesh bodies. You’;; have to make a backup copy of your shape before editing the other mesh pieces.

You get the outfit, Shoes (Slink & Maiterya High Feet) Feet are NOT included and the Necklace

This is currently being placed inwolrd for $475L

Location is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soul%20Explosion/43/30/3247

And should be on the marketplace soon.

More shopping on our Marketplace


M’era Luna Couture’s New Look!!

M’era Luna Couture’s New Look!

Please be aware that there aren’t but one item currently available in the store at the present time as we are working on bringing you some really amazing new releases to follow up the new releases on the Marketplace (and we will be updating that soon again also). We want a home feeling store that invites you to come hang out and enjoy your time spent in our garden of beautiful merchandise. We will also be offering Gacha’s soon also! If you are a blogger we are looking for active bloggers which I’ll tell you how to apply below so you may do so after looking through this!

Location is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soul%20Explosion/43/30/3247

Please note: You may be required to have some type of flight assistance due to the altitude of the store, above 3000 Meters in the air.

If you have issues visiting the store please send me a notecard (VioletCrush Resident), when I am offline I cap and I’m not inwolrd as I’m posting this.

As mentioned above there is currently one item in the store, the reason for this is we are currently creating new and amazing items for you to choose from while shopping at M’era Luna Couture. You can also check out our Marketplace Listing for even more items which we are updating along the way! Our Marketplace Link is https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/169913

We are looking for active bloggers also!! If this is you and you wish to apply here is how to do so.

Step 1: Make a notecard and title it Mera Luna Couture Blogger App (YOUR NAME HERE)

Step 2: Contents inside

Your Legacy name (Not display name, I will be to be able to locate you in search)


How long you have been blogging

Why do you want to blog for MLC

Blog URL

Flickr URL

Social Media Used To Promote Your Blog:


You MUST be active

Your avatar must be at least 30 days old as your blog should be as well

You’ll need 2 groups (all fees will be waved, unless you leave the group then you will be required to pay the entry fees)

You’ll need to be able to blog at least 75% of the items received (in the course of a months time), if you blog more your an Epic Rockstar!!

You’ll need to send a monthly report notecard through the group at least 3 days before the months end (if you can’t due to RL please contact me personally via notecard and I’ll contact you when I am available, I realize RL happens, this is so whatever reason being is kept private and RL should come first.

You’ll have posting rights in the bloggers group to post your blog posts and monthly report notecard

You will need to have amazing photography skills

You should have at least 3 active and current feeds (If y our blog is featured someone please note it also it is beneficial to you but not required).

Can you blog from an alt? Talk with me and we will see what we can come up with.

OH!! One thing I forgot to add, you will see photos frames in the photo around the windows them are changing photo frames that if you upload your photos and send them with your report we will show them off in the store!!

I look forward to hearing from you!!

VioletCrush Resident ❤